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SAI Flight Services

Providing Everything You Need In The Air

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What would you give to fly with the Elite? To have access to a flight operation diverse and experienced across the globe. Pilots who have flown in all the possible flight conditions and terrains. Unmatched and personalized first-class service for all your needs. Look no further, whether it be a quick flight for meetings or a leisure trip to the islands. You're at the right place!


Aircraft Management

Thinking of owning a private jet? With over three generations worth of aviation knowledge and experience, we are the experts in providing reliable service without sacrificing your safety. Collecting familial aviation knowledge back to the 1940's Hunter Cuthbertson III has mastered his art of delivering results by traversing ‘the ocean’ between good and exceptional performance - having served clients with elite service for the last three decades! Read More...

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Pilot Services

Our ferry pilots are some of the most experienced aviators worldwide; their knowledge spans oceans and tens of thousands of miles. Impeccably trained to handle anything over thousands of hours, they confront challenges with a sharp focus and unwavering dedication — allowing us to offer clients stress-free international operations. Our flight crew embodies true excellence: these men and women have the right stuff!


Aircraft Acquisitions

Our team is renowned for our thoroughness in the aircraft acquisition process. We search beyond what most would expect, accessing databases that aren't often seen by those hunting for their perfect plane. When you bring us on board with your mission to uncover your dream aircraft, we take care of every step—from locating it down to handling all paperwork associated with the purchase!


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SAI Flight Services

SAI Flight Services

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