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Maintenance and Phase Inspections

Our FAA Part 145 Certificate: 54SR161D, earned by a highly experienced maintenance team, demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality services.


Our capabilities include General Maintenance, Phase Inspections, and Structural Damage & Corrosion Repairs.


We specialize in aircraft technicians certified in aircraft welding; all types of metals with Nondestructive Test (NDT) technicians trained at Level III or higher. 

Service Capabilities

  •  A&P and IA-qualified aircraft inspectors

  • A, B, C, and D Checks

  • Batteries/power supplies

  • Borescope inspections

  • Corrosion and damage repair

  • Electromechanical

  • Expert service bulletin recommendations

  • Fuel leak mapping and repair

  • Honeywell and Pratt line maintenance and hot section

  • Hot section inspections

  • Hydraulic fluids/fuel

  • Interior - Partial and full interior refurbishing

  • Line Maintenance and R&Rs
  • Multiple Nondestructive Testing (NDT) certifications

  • Parts & Rotables

  • Pitot-static recertification (RVSM)

  • Pneumatics

  • Raisbeck Modifications

  • Service Checks

  • Stab actuators

  • Structural, corrosion, and sheet metal repairs

  • Windshield replacement

  • Winglet installation (API)

  • Landing gear and other component overhauls

Utilizing one of our company aircraft, we offer a reliable transport system that ensures your pilots can quickly drop the plane off for maintenance and make it back home in no time.


Let us take care of all the other details and get you back to base with one less problem to worry about!

It's a complete service, so call now for a chat with one of our specialists, and we will get you squared away in minutes.

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