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Aircraft Management

Owning a corporate aircraft can be an enriching experience, but it does require careful and knowledgeable management to ensure that all aspects of the operation & maintenance run smoothly.  


At SAI, our immensely experienced professionals have significant expertise in these areas—acting as your Flight Scheduler, Maintenance Provider, Flight Crew, Financial Manager & Aircraft Coordinator. ​ 


With our dedicated maintenance facility, you will experience the utmost in aircraft care thanks to our highly-skilled professionals and unbeatable prices.  


Every time your plane takes off, it will look pristine - all while enjoying superior financial stewardship from an attentive team watching out for cash flow performance.​  


Our elite-level clients look to offset aircraft costs by placing their aircraft on our FAA Part 135 ten or more charter certificate 1XSA599N – potentially reducing tax burdens while generating income through charter flights - with the comfort & satisfaction of maintaining complete control over operations.   

What is a ten or more certificate? It means that the operator is subject to airline-level scrutiny from the FAA. It is the highest standard in charter certification.


At SAI, we believe that the success of our clients is paramount. Therefore, we provide unrivaled packages with highly competitive options to ensure aircraft owners get maximum value.


  • Tailored and specialized packages as per your satisfaction

  • Total care and attention to detail

  • Nuanced financial advice per your requirements

  • Potential tax savings

  • Cost offset on our Part 135 program

  • Access to elite-level maintenance

  • Flight Crew options based on your choice

  • Dedicated 1 on 1 time with the subject matter specialist, Hunter Cuthbertson III, for strategy and goal planning.


Join us on a journey towards realizing your financial goals and experience first-hand why so many others have already made this one of their best decisions!

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