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The Benefits of Joining a Small Charter Company as a Career Starter for Pilots

Starting a career as a pilot can be an intimidating process. With all the options out there, it can be difficult to know which path to take.

One option is to join a small charter company, which can offer many advantages for pilots who are just starting out.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of joining a small charter company over instructing as a career starter for pilots.

Opportunities for Growth

One advantage that comes with joining a small charter company is the opportunities for growth and advancement. A small charter company often offers more opportunities than larger companies because they tend to have more flexible hiring requirements and training programs.

This means that if you join a smaller charter company, you have the chance to learn new skills and gain experience in different areas, such as operations, maintenance, and customer service. This can lead to more varied roles and increased responsibility within your organization.

Flexible Schedules

Another benefit of joining a small charter company is that they often offer more flexible schedules than larger companies.

Smaller companies tend to be able to accommodate part-time work or even job sharing arrangements so that pilots have the flexibility they need while still working in their chosen field.

This makes it easier for pilots to fit their flying duties into their lifestyle and family life if needed.

Wide Range of Experience

Finally, one great advantage of joining a small charter company is that you will get exposure to different types of aircraft and missions.

A smaller organization will typically operate several different types of aircraft on various routes which provides pilots with the opportunity to gain experience in multiple areas quickly rather than becoming specialized in just one type or mission set like you would find in larger organizations.

This means that once you move on from your current employer, you’ll be well-rounded and ready for whatever comes next!

Overall, there are many advantages associated with joining a small charter company rather than instructing as a career starter for pilots.

These include greater opportunities for growth, flexible scheduling options, and exposure to multiple types of aircraft and missions which make it easier for pilots who are just starting out in their careers to gain valuable experience quickly while still enjoying job satisfaction and stability.

It’s also important to note that many smaller companies provide mentorship programs which give new hires direct access to experienced professionals who can help them grow professionally throughout their time with the organization. All these factors mean that joining a small charter company is an excellent option for student or low-hour pilots looking for stable positions in their chosen industry!

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