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SAI was Founded in 2013 by the experienced third-generation aviation professional Hunter who has established himself as a reliable regional aircraft charter management leader in South Carolina. Adhering to Hunter's belief of "Going back to basics," SAI is dedicated to providing its customers with unparalleled service at GSP International Airport, with low-cost maintenance services, refurbishing solutions, and pre-buy services through complete aircraft management. Furthermore, they are well known for their international ferry flight capabilities, pilot services, and aviation-related consultation services, which have become synonymous with reliability and integrity throughout the region.

SAI Flight Companies is charting a course into the future, and we are excited to bring our back-to-basics approach along. Despite challenges presented by this pandemic, SAI is thriving and continues its commitment to service, expanding into consulting services that allow partners to achieve greater heights in their aviation endeavors. Our business model embraces integrity as an essential element for success so you can fly confidently. So we ask you now to sit back, relax and enjoy our services.

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